our roots

It all started when two young amoureux discovered their mutual love for wine. Amidst winery tours across the U.S., Canada, and even farther abroad they said, “We could do this….someday!” Eleven years, three children, one French bulldog, and a farmette in Maryland later and that someday became now.  We made our first bottle of wine in 2008 and have continued to grow and gain experience since then.

The name Xella is an acronym of the first letter of us and our children's names (Xenia, Erin, Lester III, Lester IV, and Amara). Nothing could embody this endeavor more than including our whole family in the name!

We look forward to sharing our passion for wine with you and thank you for your friendship and support. Cheers!

- Owners, Les and Erin


photo credit - @JillChrstineDesignPhotography